A whole new way

to hydrate dry hair


Meet nutriplenish treatment masques.

Dry hair has met its match with nutriplenish treatment masques, the latest additions to our superfood-infused nutriplenish family. Available in two formulas—light and rich moisture—our nutrient-packed hair masques infuse strands with four times the hydration of untreated hair. The results? Lush, shiny and visibly healthier hair—instantly.

Below, we’re diving into the details of our new hair care masques, including how to select the right formula for you.


A plant-powered solution to remedy dry hair


Whether you have thick curls and coils or fine strands, lackluster, dry hair can happen to anyone, at any time of year. While the reasons for dry hair may be varied—from exposure to harsh wintertime weather to excessive heat styling—finding the right dry hair treatment can be challenging.

Cue: The award-winning, 100% vegan nutriplenish hair care collection, loved for its ability to restore lost moisture and deliver healthy-looking, shiny hair. From cleansing to conditioning, nutriplenish offers an array of hydrating hair care products—with our new nutriplenish treatment masques offering yet another way to moisturize hair.

We have a feeling you’ll love indulging in a weekly ritual powered by 100% vegan ingredients. In fact, in a dual study of nutriplenish treatment masque: light moisture and nutriplenish treatment masque: deep moisture, 95% of participants said their hair feels softer after regular use.1 So only one question remains: Which nutriplenish treatment masque is right for you?


How to choose your nutriplenish treatment masque


Some hair masques can weigh hair down, leaving it feeling oily; other dry hair treatments may not offer enough hydration for super-parched strands. When developing nutriplenish treatment masques we recognized this concern—and created two unique formulas to cater all hair types and textures.

Both nutrient-rich hair masques feature our signature superfood blend of organic pomegranate seed oil to revitalize dry, dull hair, organic coconut oil to lock in moisture and lipid-rich mango butter to soften strands.

Let’s delve deeper into the differences between our two new formulas.




Formulated specifically for fine-to-medium hair types of all textures, nutriplenish treatment masque: light moisture restores moisture, enhances shine and delivers touchable softness.


Ultra-lightweight, its sumptuous gel cream texture is perfect for those seeking powerful, nutrient-dense hydration without weighing down strands.



Featuring the signature superfood complex of organic pomegranate oil, organic coconut oil and lipid-rich mango butter, it intensely hydrates and softens for lush, healthier-looking, shinier hair.

When compared to nutriplenish conditioner light moisture, it boasts two times the amount of pomegranate oil to super-serve even the most severely dry hair.




Formulated specifically for medium-to-thick hair types of all textures, nutriplenish treatment masque: deep moisture intensely hydrates dry, brittle waves, curls and coils for a soft and smooth finish.


Super-rich, its decadent texture is perfect for those seeking potent, nutrient-dense hydration to restore stressed hair.



Featuring the signature superfood complex of organic pomegranate oil, organic coconut oil and lipid-rich mango butter, it deeply nourishes for a lush manageability.

When compared to nutriplenish conditioner deep moisture, it boasts two-and-a-half times the amount of plant oils and butters to nourish hair.


Where nutriplenish treatment masques belong in your hair care routine


Once you’ve selected the nutriplenish treatment masque that’s right for you, follow our step-by-step guide for hydrating dry hair, instantly.



Healthy hair starts in the shower, so begin by cleansing and conditioning strands with the preferred nutriplenish formulas of your choice. Consult our guide to select your perfect products.



After shampooing and conditioning, follow by applying nutriplenish treatment masque: light or deep from roots to ends. Leave on for two minutes and rinse. If hair is severely dry, consider leaving masque on for longer.



Finish the hair hydrating process by spritzing on nutriplenish leave-in conditioner or massaging nutriplenish multi-use hair oil onto strands. Both superfood-rich products will help lock in hydration, promote coveted shine and encourage softness.




Give parched, dry hair a surge of 100% vegan hydration with our nutriplenish treatment masques.









1Four-week study completed with Nutriplenish Light Masque on 134 women and Nutriplenish Deep Masque on 135 women.