textured hair


Your hair is your crown.

This Black History Month, and every month, we’re sharing how we break down inclusion barriers in hair care. Waves, curls, coils of all types, styles and textures love crown-nourishing care–and we aim to nurture each and every pattern, cut and color. Our salons and artists are constantly improving in skill, technique and education to better serve every person’s uniquely beautiful crown.

While naturally curly and textured hair care education are always close to our hearts, this passion takes on new meaning during Black History Month. Our Artists Texture Team teaching program embodies our devotion to growing artistry, mastery and treatments for natural hair textures, 2A–4C. Learn all about them and hear from our Black Aveda Artists changing the face of inclusivity in hair care.


How we honor natural hair


Three years ago, we created our first-ever Texture Team with the intent to revamp the texture curriculum in Academies, put a spotlight on textured hair care stylists and better serve our Type 2 (wavy), Type 3 (curly) and Type 4 (coily) guests. This means evolving our skills through education and honoring the beauty of naturally curly textures. “We have the mindset that texture is the standard, not a trend,” notes Naomi Dove, North American Artistic Director, Texture.

About 65% of the U.S. population has wavy, curly or coily hair, yet little formal training exists on how to cut, style, color and care for natural hair textures and curl patterns. In fact, traditional cosmetology training often focuses on relaxing versus embracing naturally curly texture.

In response, we curated something new–to cater to everything from luscious waves to super-tight zig-zag patterns with densely packed tresses–and everything in between. This means our textured hair programs can better serve communities otherwise being excluded. And we're continuing to grow and evolve our mastery every single day.






In 2020, we unveiled a 12-month series of textured hair educational sessions. These programs play a critical part in our Artist curriculum, available to Aveda Institutes, partner salons and Aveda stores in the U.S. They offer stylists robust training for cutting, coloring and styling textured hair.



We launched our comprehensive textured hair programs hand-in-hand with our growing network of Aveda Texture Team Artists and asked them what it means for them. Drawing on their personal hair care journeys as stylists and educators, here’s what they shared.

Tiffany Quick, Texture Purefessional, draws inspiration from her natural hair, expressing, “When I finally embraced my hair, in the way that it grew out of my head… I felt free and more like me.” Renée Gadar, Global Artistic Director, Texture, from the heart says, “It’s navigating my auntie’s hair, my sister’s hair, my hair. It feels like home.” Naomi Dove, North American Artistic Director, Texture, expresses, “My intention is to create and maintain safe spaces for every texture; wavy, curly and coily.”




Your hair is your crowning glory, wear it with honor—we’re unwavering in our devotion to growing inclusivity in hair care and celebrating the beauty of every wave, curl and coil.