3 ways to replenish

dry hair this summer


Your superfood-infused summer hair care routine.

The term “summer hair” probably brings images of effortlessly tousled beach waves, defined natural curls and healthy looking, hydrated hair to mind. But in reality, the summer season can be seriously taxing on your hair.

Read on to learn about three culprits behind summer’s dry hair, and how the nutrient-derived, 100% vegan superfood hydration in our nutriplenish collection replenishes all hair types and textures, all season long.



Culprit: The sun

Solution: Naturally derived UV protection

Soaking up the sun feels rejuvenating, but all those rays can be distressing for hair. UV exposure and heat can strip essential moisture, leaving hair dry and depleted.

Our nutriplenish leave-in conditioner shields hair from thermal styling and the drying effects of the sun. Lightweight and nourishing, this 98% naturally derived1 conditioning spray is formulated with sand ginger, a naturally derived UV filter. It also hydrates and replenishes hair for 72 hours.


Culprit: Overwashing

Solution: A superfood-infused wash routine

The urge to lather up every time you break a sweat is understandable. Excessive washing can be stressful for strands, however, and strip your natural hair oils.

Instead, power your wash-day routine with superfoods like omega-5-rich pomegranate oil, mango butter and certified organic coconut oil. Found in our silicone- and sulfate-free nutriplenish shampoos and conditioners, these ingredients replenish hair with intense, nutrient-derived hydration.

Artist tip: Depending on your hair type and habits (if you have thick or fine hair, wash daily or weekly, and so on), choose between our light moisture and deep moisture collections.


Culprit: Chlorine and seawater

Solution: A deeply hydrating masque

Pool days and ocean dips are quintessential summer experiences, but they can wreak havoc on the health and vibrancy of your hair. For one, chlorine and salt water can compromise natural moisture-boosting oils; for another, they may cause buildup that leaves hair looking lackluster.

Swim, dive and float freely with the help of our new nutriplenish treatment masques. These 100% vegan, 96% naturally derived2 formulas instantly deliver four times more hydration3. They also restore shine for lush, replenished, visibly healthier hair.

If you have fine to medium hair, nourish strands with our ultra-light gel cream masque. Have medium to thick hair? Our deep moisture masque has a decadent, creamy texture that restores even the driest summer hair.


Summer-proof your hair care routine with our 100% vegan, superfood-infused nutriplenish collection.


How can you prepare your hair to stay hydrated through potentially harmful summer activities? By building a summer-proofed routine with our 100% vegan nutriplenish collection. Packed with superfood ingredients and formulated without any silicones or sulfate-cleansers that can contribute to dryness and buildup, these products are our summer hair care essentials.


Beat any hair setback this sunny season with our hydrating nutriplenish collection.








1According to the ISO standard, from plant, non-petroleum mineral and/or water source.

2From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water. Nutriplenish treatment masques are 96% naturally derived on average per IOS standard.

3Four times the hydration of untreated hair.