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Customize your dry hair routine with nutriplenish.

Whether you have fine strands, bouncy curls or tight coils, your hair type and texture are all your own. Which means, when dry hair strikes, finding the unique nourishment your hair needs is key to your healthiest look yet.

We’re committed to creating high-performance hair care that caters to the full range of hair types, hair textures, colors and cuts. Our scientists are innovators in biotech beauty, where green chemistry meets hair care innovation, to formulate powerful, 100% vegan products.

The nutriplenish collection features an array of superfood ingredients like organic pomegranate oil, organic coconut oil and lipid-rich mango butter to nourish all hair types and textures, promoting coveted shine, improved softness and must-have manageability. Learn how to uncover a just-for-you hydrating hair care routine below.


Healthy hair is hydrated hair


Dry hair happens for a variety of reasons: seasonal weather changes, excessive heat styling and even the use of overly harsh hair care products. That’s why all hair types from 1A to 4C need a boost of moisture and hydration.

But first, let’s dive into what dry hair looks and feels like. Dry hair translates to tresses that are depleted of lipids, a.k.a essential molecules that keep your hair looking healthy, shiny and strong. Dry hair feels brittle to the touch, breaks easily and loses its shine. Hair that’s properly hydrated looks visibly healthy, is shiny and feels soft to the touch.

Bringing out your best hair yet starts with hair care rooted in hydration. Our nutriplenish collection offers an array of 100% vegan products to help you build a customized, moisturizing hair care routine.



How to personalize your hair care routine


Identifying your hair type and texture is a thoughtful first step to understanding your hair’s unique needs. Discover your hair type and follow our step-by-step guide below. 



Fine-to-medium hair types of all textures should opt for nutriplenish light moisture, which is mindfully made for 1A-3A hair. Starring omega-5-rich organic pomegranate oil, these formulas are replenishing and shine boosting, but won’t weigh down fine strands with excess emollients.


• Start by cleansing with nutriplenish shampoo light moisture and follow with nutriplenish conditioner light moisture.

• For weekly nourishment, use NEW nutriplenish treatment masque light moisture, a gel cream hair masque that offers 4x the hydration of untreated hair.



Thick-to-medium hair types of all textures benefit from nutriplenish deep moisture, formulated specifically to deeply nourish 3B-4C hair. Harnessing 2.5x the plant butters and oils than nutriplenish light moisture, these formulas deliver ultra-decadent, rich hydration perfect for thicker tresses.


• Cleanse with nutriplenish shampoo deep moisture and follow with nutriplenish conditioner deep moisture.

• Apply NEW nutriplenish treatment masque deep moisture weekly to add in even more plant-based hydration for soft, manageable tresses.



Navigating “combination” hair can be challenging, requiring a layered approach to hair care. Our NEW multi-masking routine is the perfect solution to address dry ends while caring for an oily scalp.


• After shampooing, apply NEW nutriplenish treatment masque light moisture on roots where hair tends to be more oily.

• After conditioning, apply NEW nutriplenish treatment masque deep moisture on dry ends. Rinse, style and go!



Find your perfect dry hair solution with our hydrating nutriplenish collection.