Get ahead of hair thinning

with invati advanced


Meet the styling foam that thickens and protects.

Have you noticed thinning hair after back-to-back, at-home styling sessions? Hair styling—which can include multiple types of heat styling—can actually impact the health and volume of your hair more than you might think. Many blow-drying tools reach high temperatures that can leave you with hair damage and, ultimately, hair thinning.


Taming your tresses with a sudden increase in heat can deplete strands of their natural moisture, making them more prone to hair damage. This damage can present itself as split ends, hair breakage and frizz. Plus, over time, your hair health can change altogether with altered curl patterns and brittle hair that’s more prone to breakage.


As always, the best thing you can do for your hair is to use a heat protectant to get ahead of the issue. That’s why we created the NEW invati advanced thickening foam—the latest addition to our 100% vegan, thickening invati advanced collection.



Your new styling star


Invati advanced thickening foam uses 100% vegan ingredients to protect your hair from thermal damage due to blow drying, while thickening and nourishing your strands from roots to ends.

This can-do formula instantly thickens hair for fuller, more voluminous hair that lasts all day. How? This nutrient-rich formula utilizes a blend of certified organic amla and rice protein. Together, they encapsulate and plump each individual strand, instantly thickening hair by 5%—the equivalent of feeling like you have 5,000 more additional hairs on your head.


The result? Thicker hair with touchable hold and radiant shine in one simple step.





Crafting cruelty free and 100% vegan hair care remains at the core of our mission to care for you while respecting our planet. We find that high-performance hair products count on selecting the most innovative and thoughtful ingredients, without compromising our environment.


Invati advanced thickening foam, as well as our full invati advanced collection, incorporates a unique blend of potent, ultra-nourishing ingredients inspired by ancient Ayurvedic tradition. While crafting these ultra-thickening formulas, we tapped into the power of Ayurvedic herbs, including ginseng, certified organic turmeric and certified organic amla. Together, ginseng and certified organic turmeric help invigorate the scalp, thus promoting hair growth, while certified organic amla instantly thickens every strand.


Plus, invati advanced thickening foam is also free of drying alcohols to help ensure that your hair retains as much moisture as possible. You’ll ultimately find that thicker, healthier hair that retains more moisture is easier to style. To put it simply, your best hair is your healthiest hair.




You’ll love how invati advanced thickening foam fits seamlessly into your invati advanced routine. Before applying this product, be sure to use invati advanced exfoliating shampoo: light or rich to exfoliate, purify and renew the scalp. With two formulas crafted to fit your hair type, all you have to do is pick the one that’s right for you—light for fine to medium hair, rich for medium to thick hair.


Next, try our invati advanced thickening conditioner, which instantly thickens thin and thinning hair with long-lasting fullness. Free from parabens and silicones, this lightweight formula nourishes and moisturizes without build-up or weighing your hair down.


After shampooing and conditioning your hair, give your strands a keratin boost by applying our invati advanced scalp revitalizer. This scalp treatment instantly thickens to help lift hair at the root and invigorates the scalp when massaged in.


Once you’ve completed these steps of your regimen, you’re ready for invati advanced thickening foam.




Now that you’ve cleansed, conditioned and treated your scalp, your hair is primed and ready for invati advanced thickening foam.


Before use, be sure not to shake the bottle. Then, simply pump foam 3-5 times into your hands and emulsify. Distribute evenly through damp hair from roots to ends. Dry and style as you normally would and voilà—thicker, shinier, more voluminous hair is yours.



Thicken and style in one simple step with invati advanced thickening foam.