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Get all the pro-tips for your holiday party looks

Aveda stylists from around the globe came together as a community inspired by nature to push the limits of creativity and celebrate their love for vegan hair care and artistry at this year’s Congress 2023. From the main stage to backstage — the foundation of every great braid, bob, shag, crop or bowl cut was scalp care with scalp solutions.

“The scalp solutions collection is the secret weapon of hair care.” — Van Michael Salon Team & Aveda Texture Team from behind the scenes at Congress 2023.



Unlock your best holiday hairstyle yet


For the holiday season and any season, making stunning hairstyles possible through the power of plants is part of our mantra at Aveda. This year, we're seeing bobs, sleek updos, simple cuts, and vibrant color combinations trending. And one message that was consistent from our professional, award-winning stylists throughout Congress 2023 — care for your scalp before, during and after styling. Here are some of our pro hair hacks with scalp care tips to maximize your style:

Tip 1. Cleanse and exfoliate your scalp first
“If you’re scalp isn’t healthy. You can’t expect your hair to look great” — Antoinette Beenders, Senior Vice President Global Artistry and Award-Winning Stylist, Aveda.



Go deeper in cleansing your scalp and include our go-to scalp treatment for any exposed scalp styles, such as braids or a parted bob, with our scalp solutions exfoliating scalp treatment. To help remove scalp oil and product build-up, massage into a wet or dry scalp before washing with scalp solutions balancing shampoo and follow with scalp solutions replenishing conditioner. Gently yet deeply exfoliate the scalp with wintergreen-derived salicylic acid and glucosamine derived from fermentation with scalp solutions exfoliating treatment.


Tip 2. Use scalp solutions refreshing protective mist to make the hair style last longer — especially with sleek or braided protective styles.
To refresh your scalp and roots before styling, spray our mist directly onto the scalp and massage in gently. A blend of adaptogenic botanicals, Centella Asiatica and Andrographis, combined with Vitamin E, Resveratrol and Rosemary and Ginger Extracts, help protect and shield the scalp from pollution, oxidative stressors and environmental aggressors. Licorice extract and Zinc PCA reduce and help control scalp oil so you can extend the time between wash days.



To extend the life of your holiday party looks, use our protective mist daily and do not rinse for all-day antioxidant protection and 48-hour sebum and scalp odor control.1 This mist is also convenient for use on the go, or throughout mid-day for a quick refresh.


BONUS: for the ultimate simple scalp care fix, include our most-loved overnight scalp renewal serum from our scalp solutions collection to soothe and moisturize the scalp while you sleep with calming Centella Asiatica (CICA) and hydrating hyaluronic acid.



Tip 3. Use heat styling protectants with smoothing and frizz-fighting benefits like botanical repair bond-building styling creme
For luxuriously smooth styles, Aveda Artist Bea Carmichael says, “You cannot live without botanical repair bond-building styling creme.” If you’re trying out a new cut or color — luxe bob, disconnected shag, sleek updo, beige or beach blonde — or have been wearing these as your style staples, this is a must-have to get the perfectly smooth look while strengthening and protecting your hair against heat. The 100% vegan formula creates flexible hold and multi-tasks as a vegan hair bond-builder while smoothing frizz for up to 72 hours.


This and every season, prioritize scalp care to take your hair care and hairstyles to another level.




Ready to elevate your holiday party looks with scalp care?







1Clinical testing on 28 women, after using product for 1 week.