Your hair and scalp are as unique as you, and are affected by the products you use plus your daily hair care rituals and lifestyle. That’s why your journey to optimal hair and scalp health begins by understanding your unique hair type and what it needs.


Our new Hair & Scalp Check is designed to give you the most accurate profile of your hair, along with recommended hair products and a customized routine tailored to your hair’s needs. We’ll walk you through all that the tool offers and show you why hair health really starts at the scalp.



Scalp health is the key to healthy-looking hair

Did you know that the secret to great hair starts underneath, at the scalp? It’s important to understand the connection between scalp health and hair health because certain hair issues can stem from the scalp. A healthy scalp is integral for creating healthy-looking hair because hair grows at the root. Since hair follicles are embedded in our scalp, they are greatly influenced and dependent on their surrounding environment and need a nourished foundation to grow.


Cleansing your scalp is important to remove build-up of sweat, excess oil, dead skin cells and effects of pollution that can otherwise clog pores (aka your hair follicles) and possibly inhibit healthy growth. An unhealthy scalp can also lead to dull hair, irritation, dandruff and breakage.


What are other benefits of scalp cleansing? If you experience oily hair, it could be due to an oily scalp, and routine cleansing can help balance oil levels. It can also help normal skin cell turnover, which can lead to visibly healthier hair.


Since your scalp is skin, just like the skin on your face, it’s important to treat scalp care like skin care by exfoliating, conditioning, and protecting it from pollution, environmental aggressors, and the drying effects of the sun.


A hair quiz with ultra-customized results

Now that we’ve uncovered where hair health begins, let’s start your healthy-looking hair and scalp journey with the Hair & Scalp Check. We created this advanced digital consultation tool to give you our most accurate profile of your hair, along with personalized product recommendations and customized routines for visibly healthier hair and scalp.


Our intuitive tool elevates the idea of a hair quiz into a world of hair care discovery. It also takes into account all hair types—whether you have curly hair, natural hair, straight hair or textured hair, to understand even the most unique hair needs.


How did we do it? Our Research and Development team combined diverse practical experience from our Global Aveda Artist network with proprietary knowledge to scientifically develop a logic system that uses real-time insights to create an accurate hair profile. With over 4 million possible combinations of product recommendations, customized routines and hair treatment services, your results will be individually tailored to your specific needs and hair type.


Hair & Scalp Check


Our advanced digital consultation

tool is designed to give you an

accurate profile of your hair.


Your unique hair profile

No one’s hair is exactly like yours, which is why the Hair & Scalp Check guides you through thoughtful questions to precisely determine the attributes and needs of your hair. In addition to questions about your hair type and texture, we’ll ask about your typical styling routine, how your scalp feels and even the climate you live in, as each of these answers affects your hair’s profile.


If you live in a hot, dry climate that could be why your main hair concern is about its limp, lifeless quality. Or if you answer that you often use chemical treatments, you might find your dream hair is healthy and strong. By answering the quiz’s 10 questions, we’ll be able to create a clear picture of your hair to identify the specific products and routines it needs.


Personalized product recommendations and routines

After discovering your hair profile, you’ll see products recommended for your unique hair. Selected as a result of combining advanced science to discover what your hair really needs and combing through over 4 million possible recommendations, these products represent your essentials for every step of your hair care routine. You’ll find products for cleansing, conditioning, styling and treatments, all of which combine for the routine that best suits you.


If you are seeking products for natural hair with hyper hydration and hair supplies for between wash days, you may receive recommendations like nutriplenishTM leave-in conditioner or scalp solutions exfoliating scalp treatment. If you have wavy hair and answered that your hairstyling involves straightening, or uses other hot tools, your results might suggest trying damage remedyTM daily hair repair to help prevent and reduce breakage.* No matter your hair type or needs, you’ll find the right combination of products and rituals for you with our Hair & Scalp Check.



Salon services and lifestyle content

We approach hair and scalp health from a holistic point of view, which means considering every part of your lifestyle, from salon appointments to your diet. That’s why your hair profile also includes tailored recommendations for in-salon services as well as articles and wellness advice.


We want to make the most of your time behind the chair, so we’ll offer services and treatments that we think would benefit your hair. If you’re suffering from an itchy scalp and thinning hair, you may have received a product recommendation for a cleansing, hair thickening shampoo, such as invati advancedTM exfoliating shampoo, which reduces hair loss by 53%** when used as part of the invati advancedTM 3-step system.


For 360-degree scalp care, we might suggest a scalp camera analysis or scalp treatment at your local Aveda salon, to further diagnose any issues. Or maybe you answered that your colored hair feels dull and dry. You may see a Shine Treatment as your recommended in-salon service, along with a blog article with tips on how to preserve your color.


Our Hair & Scalp Check searches through a vast library of expert content to offer up how-to videos, easy tutorials, the latest hair trends and everything hair care for beautiful balance in all aspects of your life.



Get to the root of visibly healthier hair with our Hair & Scalp Check, and discover the ultimate hair profile with product recommendations and routines, created just for you.








*When used daily, in a repeat grooming study vs non-conditioning shampoo.

**Due to breakage from brushing, after using the invati advancedTM system for 12 weeks.