BEAUTY | MARCH 17, 2017



When it comes to beauty habits, men and women differ dramatically. Which is why Aveda is opening the Aveda Men Shop, both within existing salons and as freestanding destinations this fall. The new concept, designed exclusively for men, offers the best in men’s grooming and maintenance, merging traditional barbering with a high-touch experience.



Because men place such a high value on speed, Aveda has created a curriculum and a unique service menu, which empower the stylist and guest to benefit from a quality cut with speed. Most notably, a man can walk in and schedule an appointment through a self-serve kiosk where he can see how long his wait time is, and add himself to a list for the next available barber, or for the barber of his choice (appointments are scheduled in 5-minute increments, rather than the traditional 15-minute increments since men’s grooming tends to go faster than women’s.) A man can also monitor his place in line and receive a text when it’s appointment time. And after a service, he can buy Aveda Men Pure-Formance™ products and check out from the comfort of his chair on an iPad.


These new men’s destinations offer a special service menu, including treatments such as a straight razor shave, beard detail, and hair removal (for ears, brows and nose). And in typical Aveda fashion, a Stress-Relieving Neck and Shoulder Ritual accompanies traditional treatments, like a basic cut or trim. Boy’s cuts are also available. Services vary by location.


But the perks don’t end there. The men’s shops will also feature a very minimalist, male-friendly design, where a guy can feel comfortable enjoying treatments he may not relish doing in public, like a Botanical Therapy Scalp Detox or 5-Minute Natural Grey Blending (launching February 2017). He can also find a fully stocked men’s product display with offerings such as InvatiMen™ (a solution for thinning hair), Aveda Men Pure-Formance™ Grooming Clay, Shave Cream and Dual Action Aftershave


So what does a typical visit to an Aveda Men Shop look like? Well, just manly enough. A man can count on being greeted before receiving a consultation and scalp analysis. Then he’ll receive his treatment—featuring a Stress-Relieving Shampoo Ritual—and styling. Finally, he’ll inhale a soothing Aveda aroma, and check out with product recommendations in hand. Of course if he wants to stay longer, he could always sign up for a 30-minute revitalizing facial to reveal a brighter and smoother complexion, and leave feeling even more refreshed.


To locate an Aveda Men Shop, simply look for Aveda Men signage—or for a retro orange-and-brown barber pole.





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