You asked and we heard you! Many Aveda guests and fans had questions about The Estée Lauder Companies’ (“ELC”) new and enhanced family-related benefits for U.S. employees, which include a 20-week Paid Parental Leave Policy, Adoption Assistance Program and expanded back-up care, so we’re here to answer them for you! We’re thrilled about the new benefits and so happy to be part of a company that values its employees and their diverse needs.


What’s the Paid Parental Leave Policy?
Eligible ELC employees, irrespective of gender and including parents adopting and fostering children, will be able to take 20 weeks of Paid Parental Leave at full pay and six weeks of back-to-work flexibility to allow all working parents to bond with their new child(ren) and transition back to work. This benefit is in addition to the Short Term Disability benefits typically available to mothers for six to eight weeks following childbirth. This benefit is retroactive for employees who welcomed children, through birth, legal adoption or court approved foster care placement, on or after January 1, 2018.  


What’s the Adoption Assistance Program?
Eligible ELC employees can seek reimbursement up to $10,000 for eligible expenses related to the legal adoption of a child under the age of 18, or older if it’s a special needs adoption. The program covers costs such as fees relating to home surveys and legal filings; the child’s medical expenses required for adoption; and required pre- and post-adoption counseling services.


What’s changing with the expanded back-up care?
Back-up care will now include in-home care for children or adults/elders (in addition to the currently offered back-up child care at centers). An Infant Transition Program is also available, offering more days of care to parents who are transitioning back to work after the birth or placement of a child.


Who is eligible? 

These benefits, programs and policies will be available to U.S.-based, full-time, ELC benefits-eligible employees who have completed more than 90 continuous days of service.  


Are salon employees eligible?
Salons are independently owned and operated, so their policies may differ.


If both partners work at Aveda and are eligible, can they both utilize this benefit?


Are retail store employees eligible?
If the retail employee is a U.S.-based, full-time, ELC benefits-eligible employee who has completed more than 90 continuous days of service, then yes!


What other benefits do you have for families?

We have on-site childcare at our headquarters in Minnesota. We call it the Child’s Garden.


Where can I look for job openings?
You can find our Careers page here.