BEAUTY | JUNE 7, 2019

Wake up to glowing skin with Tulasāra

Reveal your radiance around the clock

with our AM and PM cremes

Your skin’s needs may differ depending on the time of day, which is why you probably have an AM and PM skin care routine. We created the Tulasāra family of skin cremes, Renew Morning Crème, Wedding Masque Overnight and Wedding Masque Overnight Eye, with this in mind. Each was developed to maximize your skin’s rhythms; Wedding Masque Overnight and Wedding Masque Eye Overnight help support your skin’s natural repair process, which happens as you sleep, and Renew Morning Creme instantly makes your skin look brighter and more radiant, even on those early Monday mornings.


IN THE AM: Tulasāra Renew Morning Creme


Get up and glow with Renew Morning Creme, a day cream that instantly brightens, visibly smooths fine lines and helps strengthen your skin’s defenses against environmental aggressors. Licorice root and molasses help reduce the appearance of dark spots and promote a more even-looking complexion over time. Renew Morning Creme also provides a dose of instant luminosity, so even if you’ve stayed up too late the night before, your skin will look as radiant as if you got a full eight hours.


IN THE PM: Tulasāra Wedding Masque Overnight & Wedding Masque Overnight Eye


Wake up to glowing skin with Wedding Masque Overnight. This rich, moisturizing night cream visibly transforms your skin as you sleep, helping it look smoother and feel firmer over time. Turmeric root makes skin look more even and helps reduce the appearance of dark spots for a brighter look over time.


Greet the day with brighter eyes when you try Wedding Masque Eye Overnight — a rich, 100% fragrance-free eye cream that hydrates and brightens overnight and reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness over time.


After cleansing and using your favorite Tulasāra Concentrate serum, apply Wedding Masque Overnight to your entire face and neck, following with Wedding Masque Overnight Eye; be sure to use your ring finger around the fragile eye area. Over time, you’ll notice the masques work to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give skin a firmer, more lifted look and more even skin tone — and it all happens while you’re sleeping! With Tulasāra, you can get your glow on from AM to PM.