It's Climate Week NYC





In January we all start with a clean slate. A brand new year lies ahead, full of chances to do better for ourselves and the Earth. Start by making small choices that can have a big impact. We’ll share how prioritizing a vegan lifestyle can lower your carbon footprint, plus offer other ways you can help care for the Earth all year long.



Go Vegan


In an effort to align to our mission of caring for the Earth, Aveda is proud to create 100% vegan products. All of our hair, skin and body care collections are vegan and free of animal and animal-derived ingredients. Our products also speak to our commitment to care for the world we live in: we are 100% cruelty free. We never test our products on animals and would never ask others to do so on our behalf.




We believe you shouldn’t have to choose between high-performance hair care and vegan formulas. That’s why we only craft efficacious 100% vegan formulas that are also a minimum 90% naturally derived.* You can trust that every product you use was thoughtfully created to offer the results you need. From the plant-powered strength of botanical repair to the superfood replenishment of nutriplenish, our vegan hair care collections deliver hair that looks healthy, strong and hydrated. Our hair systems include 100% vegan products with formulations that are grounded in the Earth. Understanding the potential of nature has been central to our mission since we began in 1978.


Selecting vegan hair products for your daily routine is a simple choice that can make you feel powerful and help lessen your impact on the planet. When we choose products that stand for something meaningful, we can all make a change for good.




During January, Aveda is proudly supporting the Veganuary Challenge, a month-long global initiative to promote vegan choices. Non-profit Veganuary is the world’s largest vegan movement, inspiring people to go vegan during January and the rest of the year.


Switching to plant-based meals can have a major effect on the environment by dramatically reducing your carbon footprint. According to Veganuary, every person who goes vegan for just one month will save 33,481 gallons of water, the lives of 30 animals, 620 pounds of harmful carbon dioxide emissions and 913 square feet of forest. The potential of this one single choice over time is inspiring to say the least!


Veganuary also tells us that meatless meals are not just better for the animals and the Earth, they can also help us celebrate whole body wellness. This organization has made it even easier to join in with delicious meal plans, vegan recipes and helpful tips to guide you along the way. We are thrilled to be supporting such an important cause.


Head to Veganuary’s site here** to take the free pledge and kick off the new year revolution with us.


When we all form meaningful relationships with the planet, it becomes second nature to protect it.



The world is in your hands


There are many other ways to help protect the future of the planet and make 2021 a year for positive environmental change. We encourage you to vote with your dollar and support other companies that align with your values. Dig into their business practices to discover if they prioritize sustainability through their use of renewable energy, recyclable packaging or responsibly-sourced ingredients.


When it comes to fashion, choose environmentally-friendly fabrics like hemp, linen and 100% organic cotton. Or even better, shop at vintage and second-hand clothing stores. You may be surprised at the amazing pieces you can find. And lastly, spend time in nature, without distractions, to become more deeply connected to the Earth.




*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.

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