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Travel tips for hair-care with nutriplenish.

Imagine your next getaway is just around the corner. Perfect outfits planned and an ideal itinerary is waiting for you. You finally can soak in a summer vacation. The only dilemma? Your carefully-curated hair routine might not fit your vacation agenda, or even your carry-on bag.

Luckily, there are ways to make sure your hair care routine stays hassle-free while you make the most of your time away. Discover our top travel tips and tricks for keeping your hair hydrated without sacrificing precious vacation time, featuring the nutriplenish collection.


On-the-go hair hydration


We’ve all heard that travel can dry out your skin, but did you know it can dry out your hair, too? From cramped train rides without room to refresh to long hours of air travel, your hair might be counting down the moments until arrival. One reason why travel is so taxing on your strands is lack of humidity. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), while traveling sky-high, the humidity levels in aircraft cabins can fall to less than 20 percent (as opposed to the normal 30 percent).1

Before you head to the airport, you’ll want to be proactive to steer clear of hair dehydration. If you wash your hair before your flight, make sure to lock in moisture before your travels by applying nutriplenish daily moisturizing treatment to damp hair. Not washing before a flight? Have no fear, our nutriplenish multi-use hair oil packs up perfectly to give you a boost of hydration while on-the-go. Simply use a dime-sized amount (or more if you like!) and apply throughout your hair, focusing on the ends.



Bring hydration you can count on


While sometimes you might get lucky with quality samples on your hotel counter, it’s always better to bring what you know you love. Nutriplenish products are designed to nourish every hair type and texture, using a plant-powered superfood complex to replenish your hair to its natural beauty. For a UV filter that protects against the drying effects of the sun plus 72 hours of hydration and detangling, make sure you pack nutriplenish leave-in conditioner to keep your hair looking and feeling it’s best no matter what you’re working with.



Whether you’re headed to the beach, pool or great outdoors, you’ll want to make sure your hair’s hydrated before your trip. During days spent in the sun your hair’s natural moisture can be stripped away, causing your locks to look frizzy and less-than luminous. By fortifying your hair using a hydrating masque, your strands are less likely to be harmed by the drying effects of the sun. Before your trip, make sure to use nutriplenish treatment masque light or deep moisture depending on your hair type, followed by nutriplenish leave-in conditioner to ensure you have a UV filter to protect your hair throughout your sun-soaked days.



Hotel hair dryers can be unpredictable…if you happen to have one at all. For a hotel-proofed routine for naturally curly hair, nutriplenish has the products you need to bring out your best texture (despite working without your favorite tools). If you have natural waves, curls or coils, work some nutriplenish curl gelée through your hair and air dry or gently blow dry at a slight distance. This helps to lock out frizz by sealing your hair’s cuticle, giving you consistent curl formation without flyaways. Plus, natural hairstyles for vacation are perfect for ensuring you can cut down on time spent in front of the mirror.




Why travel with nutriplenish?


By building a travel-proofed routine with our 100% vegan nutriplenish collection, you don’t just get hair that’s nourished and hydrated, you also get to enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your hair’s health is one less thing to worry about during your time away, thanks to the plant-derived nutriplenish formula. Want to knock out a travel hair-survival kit at once?



Discover our nutriplenish trio sets, available in light and deep moisture. Featuring a shampoo, conditioner and nutriplenish leave-in conditioner spray, each formula uses a superfood complex and is formulated without any silicones or sulfate-cleansers that can contribute to dryness and buildup. When combined, these products are the perfect solution to your travel-hair troubles.




Travel without a hair-hitch using our hydrating nutriplenish collection.









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