When we create hair care here at Aveda, we first think about the desired end result. Maybe it’s how to create curls with more definition and less frizz, or extending good hair days. Once we know how we want to benefit your hair, we carefully consider every ingredient and its function to create products that you and your hair will love.


This time, the hair goal was ultimate hydration and we sought to create a leave-in conditioner as a remedy for dry hair. To begin, we studied the science behind dry hair and looked to nature to create a leave-in treatment. The end result? 98% naturally derived,* vegan, silicone and cruelty free nutriplenish leave-in conditioner.


Voted The Best Pro Leave-In Treatment in the Glamour 2020 Beauty Awards,** our essential dry hair treatment, nutriplenish leave-in conditioner, helps protect strands from both thermal damage and the drying effects of the sun.


We’ll walk you through the science behind our formula, its naturally-derived ingredients and how to best use it. Read on to discover how our nutriplenish leave-in conditioner is nature’s answer to dry hair.




The science of it all: The low-down on lipids


What are lipids and what do they have to do with dry hair? Lipids are a small, but important, component in every strand of hair. Think of lipids as a shield for your hair: when the lipids in your hair are intact, your hair is stronger and healthier.


From the inside, they help protect hair, especially damaged hair, from becoming dehydrated. From the outside, they coat and nourish the hair’s surface, smoothing and protecting the cuticle.


When your hair’s natural lipids are removed, the hair’s surface becomes less protected. For those with dry hair or who have lost natural lipids due to UV damage or heat damage, hair can be left brittle, dry and vulnerable. Chemical treatments, aging and even shampooing can also cause loss of lipids in hair.


With a blend of sand ginger and organic pomegranate oil, we formulated nutriplenish leave-in conditioner with a powerful superfood complex to infuse lipid-depleted strands with nutrient-powered hydration that lasts.





Glamour 2020 Beauty Awards





Powered by nature with potent plant-derived ingredients


When our Research and Development Team began to create a formula for hyper hair hydration, they looked to nature for naturally derived ingredients. Christine Hall, Aveda Vice President of Research and Development, sat down with us to speak about the creation of nutriplenish™ leave-in conditioner’s formula.


She shared that many hydrating hair products currently on the market are achieving hydration through the use of silicones. Our Research and Development Team wanted to create a product with plant-powered hydration, which is why nutriplenish™ leave-in conditioner (and the entire nutriplenish collection) are completely silicone free. Our 98% naturally derived* leave-in treatment offers high-performance hydration with the power of nature, instead of silicones.


How exactly did we tap into nature? We combined sand ginger and organic pomegranate oil to formulate a hydrating superfood complex to help replenish dry hair. Christine walked us through our vegan ingredients and why they’re hydration heroes.



Organic pomegranate oil

Pomegranate oil is unique because it’s rich in omega 5, Christine explained. This ingredient helps to hydrate dull, dry hair and detangle hair, leaving it soft, smooth and supple.


Sand ginger

This is a UV filter in our leave in conditioner spray that helps protect hair from the drying effects of the sun. According to Christine, the Research and Development team spent a long time looking for a naturally-derived alternative that would help provide the hair with protection. Commonly used for different wellness rituals around the world, sand ginger was just the ingredient they needed.




How to hydrate hair and protect each strand



nutriplenish™ leave-in conditioner helps hydrate hair for 72 hours and until your next shampoo.


To help lock in hydration, lightly mist onto dry or damp hair and don’t rinse out. Then, style as you normally would. If you have fine-to-medium hair, spray mid-lengths to ends of hair. For thicker or highly-textured hair, apply from roots to ends.


As a leave in conditioner for dry hair and all hair types, this spray can also be used throughout the day to rehydrate your locks, or to add nourishment for extra soft, smooth hair.




Your skincare routine includes UV protection and your hair care should too. This is so important for the everyday care of your hair because intense UV rays can dry out hair, leaving it brittle and vulnerable. nutriplenish™ leave-in conditioner helps protect your hair from the drying effects of the sun, thanks to sand ginger. Spray a few spritzes of our paraben free leave-in treatment on damp or dry hair to keep the UV out all year-round.




If you can’t live without your styling tools, nutriplenish™ leave-in conditioner will become your new essential product. It helps provide instant protection against thermal damage up to 450 degrees for every flat iron, curling or blow drying session.


Here’s our easy how-to for protecting your hair:


1. Know where to spray

The rules for adding hydration that we shared above also apply for adding heat protection: if you have fine-to-medium hair, spray mid-lengths to ends. For thicker or highly-textured hair, apply from roots to ends.


2. Adjust the temperature

Most hair can actually be styled at temperatures lower than 450, which may help decrease hair damage, too. Fine-to-medium and wavy hair can be styled at 300-380 degrees, while curly or coily hair can typically be styled using 400 degrees.


3. Style as usual

Once you’ve sprayed and adjusted your temperature, use your hot tools like you normally would. We also love that you can build the amount of moisture you need with this leave in conditioner: just a few sprays will help protect and hydrate, while you can spray more for deeper replenishment.




nutriplenish leave-in conditioner is breaking the mold on hair hydration and will prove to be your hair care must-have for lush, moisturized hair. Experience the power of superfoods for yourself, and see the difference in softer, nourished hair.






*From plants, non-petroleum minerals or water.

**Glamour Beauty Awards 2020: The Best Beauty Products of the Year