This year, Small Business Saturday means even more to Aveda. Our Aveda salon network of independently-owned businesses and talented Aveda Artists faced immense challenges, from temporary closures and more, due to COVID-19. We’re sharing our deep gratitude for all they mean to us and the ways we have supported our network through several initiatives. You’ll also learn how you can continue to support your favorite artists and Aveda salons on Small Business Saturday and beyond.



The heart and soul of Aveda

Our salons and spas account for 6,000 businesses in the United States and Canada, and our incredible Aveda Artists work all over the country. Together, our Aveda Artists and salon network are the very core of Aveda. They represent our community of creativity and wellness and we’re forever inspired by their ingenuity and craft.

Our artists do so much more than cut, color and style hair. They’re partners in our commitment to caring for the Earth. Over time they may become your confidantes and dear friends, and you look forward to a visit in their chair.


We’ve been committed to our salons and artists since the day Aveda began in 1978. Our founding mission was to care for the Earth in part by offering beauty professionals botanical products that would help care for their clients (and themselves).


The challenges of this year, however, have spurred the need for further support. Small Business Saturday gives everyone another opportunity to come together, lift up our network and celebrate the beauty they give to the world.



The ways we give support


When COVID-19 caused temporary closures of all of our salons and spas, we partnered with the Salon and Spa Relief Fund (SSRF) to help support the Aveda network. This fund is a non-profit organization founded by the Neill Corporation to help salons and spas rebuild after being affected by natural disasters.



We believe when you create from a place of love, the world will lift you up.


Ever since it began in 2005, Aveda has partnered with the Salon and Spa Relief Fund through donations to help salons and stylists. We knew this longtime partner would be the right organization to turn to in this situation.


Aveda directly donated $600,000 to the fund to kick things off. Then we asked our communities, employees and guests like yourself to join us in donating to help care for those who care for us. As of August 2020, we have raised $640,000 for SSRF. These funds were then given to hair salons and day spas as grant money to help sustain their businesses and retain their employees.




In addition to aiding in the efforts of the SSRF, we also launched Aveda Cares. This program helped provide artists and salons with the tools they needed to optimize their social media channels in order to continue engaging with their guests. We offered a digital guide to help our network create video hair tutorials and easy at-home beauty and wellness routines to offer guests self-care ideas while away from the salon. We also provided guidance for virtual consultations, so that our salons and artists could still serve their guests.


To keep spirits high among our Aveda Artist community, we put the call out on our social media channels for followers to share stories of their favorite artist for National Hairstylist Appreciation day. We received touching anecdotes from all over the world about how much our artists mean to you, their guests.


As salons and spas were able to slowly reopen, Aveda Cares helped provide the tools for them to safely operate in a new way and communicate the new safety protocol to guests. We stand by our commitment to care for you; your safety is our most important consideration, above all.



What you can do to help


Our Aveda network still needs your support!




1) Shop your salon online: Purchase hair products from your salon’s site and select curbside pick-up, if available.


2) Buy gift cards for yourself or a friend for future appointments to show your salon you’re committed to their success.


3) If you don’t feel comfortable returning to the salon just yet, book a virtual consultation: Your hair stylist misses you too! You can maintain healthy-looking hair at home with their recommendations.


4) Show your love on social: Leave your salon and artists positive reviews on Google and Facebook, and join their social community.


5) Book an appointment at your salon to safely return in person and support your artist. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy a little self-care. Find a salon near you and book your salon service appointment today.