Earth Month 2019:

Where We’re Making a Difference for Clean Water

Join Aveda and charity: water

and change lives around the globe

Did you know that dirty water kills more people than all forms of violence, including war? Six hundred sixty-three million people just like you are affected by the lack of clean water around the world. The good news is that we can solve the problem — it just takes all of us deciding to make a difference, be the solution and take action.


This year, we’ve partnered with charity: water to help change lives in four key countries: Nepal, India, Madagascar and Ethiopia. When you buy our limited-edition half-litre Shampure Hand & Body Wash, 100% of the suggested purchase price goes to giving one person clean water. Because for the people in those countries, you’re not just a drop in the bucket. You are the bucket, and you can help change everything.


Why did we choose these four countries? We source ingredients from some, and charity: water has a deep connection to another. Read on to discover the stories behind each country, and get ready to make a difference for someone just like you across the globe!


If you’re already an Aveda fan, you know how important India is to us. Our founder, Horst Rechelbacher, visited and fell in love with India, and the brand and its products, plus emphasis on overall wellness, was inspired by the ancient tradition of Ayurveda. We source important ingredients like turmeric and amla from India, bringing organic farming techniques and income to their people. Learn more about our soil to bottle efforts in India here.


We’ve been working with the wonderful people of Nepal for years; they created the beautiful, certified wildlife-riendly lokta bark paper we used for holiday gift wrap. Our purchase of the paper gave Nepali makers, especially women, income, and helped over 5,000 children attend school. It was only natural that we’d choose to fund clean water projects in this beautiful country with charity: water.


Many of our essential oils are sourced from Madagascar, including ylang ylang, vetiver, patchouli and vanilla bean, and we have funded clean water projects there for over a decade. But this year, charity: water is joining us in Madagascar — it’s the first country we will enter together as partners!


We source olibanum oil, better known as Frankincense, from Ethiopia, and it was one of the first countries charity: water began working in. Ethiopia is where they successfully piloted innovative remote sensors which help ensure sustainability of all water projects. With our additional support, we will help them reach 100% clean water access for the country. Pretty amazing, right? It’s proof that when we work together, we can create major change.


Ready to change a life? Visit your Aveda salon, retail store or Aveda.com and purchase a bottle of limited-edition half-litre Shampure Hand & Body Wash.